Makila txikiena
Makila handiena
Uztai txikiena
Uztai handiena
Doinu zaharrak
Punta motz
Ehun eta bikoa

Bullet1 The ezpatadantza is a complex dance that is made up of various parts, some of which have been passed down to us with a stable and consolidated melody, while others have been performed to the sound of various different melodies. Manuel de Larramendi himself pointed out: “They all dance to the music that is played and chosen for that dance, even though some others are played.”

Bullet1 Iztueta provides us with numerous indications regarding the music used to perform the ezpatadantza. He thus points out that when the dantzaris leave the town hall to start off through the streets, "an extremely well-known zortziko" is played, where the rhythm of the drum is similar to that of the initial melody used for the gizon-dantza. Nonetheless, Iztueta does not provide any further information regarding that zortziko. Continuing with his explanation, Iztueta states that the ezpatadantza melody is then played, which is the part performed by the azkendariak with their short swords.

Bullet1 Melodies such as iriarena, zezen-soinua, Berako alkate-soinua and ezpatadantza melodies are usually played to accompany this ezpatadantza.
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