Makila txikiena
Makila handiena
Uztai txikiena
Uztai handiena
Doinu zaharrak
Punta motz
Ehun eta bikoa

The dances known as uztai txikiena (Dance of the Small Arches) and uztai handiena (Dance of the Long Arches) are not referred to in Juan Ignacio Iztueta's book of 1824.  Nonetheless, researchers have noted that some contemporary  dance groups of Iztueta used to regularly perform dances with arches. On the other hand, the arch dances appear to be a standard part of the series of dances making up the brokel-dantza that the dance groups under José Antonio Olano performed.

Arches decorated with flowers are used to perform this dance. The arches usually have two sharp points on either end that allow them to be staked into the ground and stop them from falling over.

However, the dances with long arches are not structured in the same way as the other dances with implements. The leader-zortziko-set order is not repeated in this dance. Two main parts are identified in the Dance of Long Arches, which are repeated aatvarious times: on the one hand, a rapid part similar to a contradanza and, on the other hand, the zortziko.