Hasierako posizioa
  Oin-punta gailur
  Oin-punta orpokoak
  Oin-punta irradakan
  Txingo luze paseoa
  Zango ostikoa
  Jira galdua
  Trantsiozko urratsak
  Lehen aldaira
  Bigarren aldaira
  Hirugarren aldaira
  Laugarren aldaira
  Bostgarren aldaira
  Seigarren aldaira

The courtesy gallop has been included in the movements to prevent the dantzari from turning his back on the audience located in front of him when he perform the bow or greeting. It is very similar to the gallop that is performed with the wheel, except that instead of making the wheel with the left foot, he stretches the foot to the left, brings it towards the right foot and then stretches the left foot out again. The rest of the movements of this step are the same as the standard gallop. The wheel has to be made with the right foot in order to perform the courtesy wheel to the left.
Courtesy gallop to the right
Courtesy gallop to the left