Hasierako posizioa
  Oin-punta gailur
  Oin-punta orpokoak
  Oin-punta irradakan
  Txingo luze paseoa
  Zango ostikoa
  Jira galdua
  Trantsiozko urratsak
  Lehen aldaira
  Bigarren aldaira
  Hirugarren aldaira
  Laugarren aldaira
  Bostgarren aldaira
  Seigarren aldaira

The  gallops can be danced not only with the dantzari looking forwards while he moves sideways, but also while the dantzari spins round and round.  The dantzari has to turn to right when performing a gallop to the right and to the left when dancing a gallop to the left.  The rest of the movements of this step are the same as the standard gallop.

As has been explained in the chapter devoted to the lauarin, the full spin has to be performed correctly and great emphasis placed to the foot crossing that is danced halfway through the step.  In the gallop to the right, the left foot has to be correctly crossed in front of the right foot following the half circle that is made with the right foot.
Right turn spin Left turn spin

Both the single and added gallops can be performed to both the right and the left, while the dancer performs a full spin. These are known as full spins, while should be included when teaching the movements.