Hasierako posizioa
  Oin-punta gailur
  Oin-punta orpokoak
  Oin-punta irradakan
  Txingo luze paseoa
  Zango ostikoa
  Jira galdua
  Trantsiozko urratsak
  Lehen aldaira
  Bigarren aldaira
  Hirugarren aldaira
  Laugarren aldaira
  Bostgarren aldaira
  Seigarren aldaira

In order to do a upward spin, the full spin has to be completed, but the feet are plaited in the air. The feet have to be lifted up as high as possible but without this lift modifying the step, and the feet have to be crossed even if it is upwards.  As the spin is performed, the legs have to be progressively lowered and the highest point has to be reached in the back part, but the whole turn has to be used to lift and lower the legs.  The upwards spin is not a tijereta danced looking backwards, but rather a full spin that is performed from above.
Upward spin to the right Upward spin to the left

The upward spin is performed either towards the right and towards the left.