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The step known as leg lift when spinning is a complicated one that is included in the St. John's Dance. The step starts with a txingo with the left foot and, immediately afterwards, a leg lift is performed with the right leg, but to the side and bringing the foot from back to front. When the right foot is lowered to the floor, [the dantzari] is helped with a small txingo performed with the left foot.  A txingo is then immediately performed with the left foot and a second leg lift is then performed with the right leg, this time to the side, only the foot is here taken from the front to the back and a small txingo is danced to help lower it to the floor.

The third movement is identical to the first, performing a txingo with the left foot and a leg lift to the side with the right from back to front.  A txingo is then repeated with the left foot, but this time to perform a scissor leap that pushes the left foot upwards. This scissor  is performed twisting the body to the right and then finishing facing the front.

In order to complete the step, the sequence has to be repeated but performing the leg lifts with the left foot to the left side and ending the leg lift when spinning with a scissor leap with spin to the left.