Hasierako posizioa
Zortzikoko sentziloa
Sentzilo 40 muriska
Sentzilo kontradantzakoa
  Oin-punta gailur
  Oin-punta orpokoak
  Oin-punta irradakan
  Txingo luze paseoa
  Zango ostikoa
  Jira galdua
  Trantsiozko urratsak
  Lehen aldaira
  Bigarren aldaira
  Hirugarren aldaira
  Laugarren aldaira
  Bostgarren aldaira
  Seigarren aldaira

There are other movements that, without being considered steps, are nonetheless highly important as part of the steps themselves as they  link the different steps.  These are known as the transition steps, with three of the most important being: the txingo, the demi-plié and the muxeta.

The txingo is a basic step that is performed lifting a leg and pushing up from the floor.  This breaks the inertia and the dancer obtains the necessary impulsion to perform the following movement. The function of the txingo is to provide impulsion and it therefore does not have a decorative nature and is mainly functional.

The txingo is often performed on the spot, but it can also be performed as part of a position change, as is the case in the long txingo promenade, in the lost turns or in the whirligig.