Hasierako posizioa
  Oin-punta gailur
  Oin-punta orpokoak
  Oin-punta irradakan
Aurrerako zorrotza
Atzerako muriska
Eskuineko muriska
Ezkerreko muriska
Muriska txingokoak
  Txingo luze paseoa
  Zango ostikoa
  Jira galdua
  Trantsiozko urratsak
  Lehen aldaira
  Bigarren aldaira
  Hirugarren aldaira
  Laugarren aldaira
  Bostgarren aldaira
  Seigarren aldaira

The zorrotzak are leaps that are performed by means of a vertical jump forwards, backwards or to either side. The leaps forwards and the leaps backwards are complementary and, even though each of them may be considered to be autonomous and likely to be performed independently, they are often performed one after the other as if they were a sequence.

Starting from the initial position, a txingo is performed with the left foot and, stretching the right foot, the dancer lifts it forwards. With his right foot in the air and performing a demi-plié with the left foot, the dancer jumps: the left leg has to hit the right leg first below and then on top. The right foot is lowered to the floor and the left foot remains in the air and stretched out.

The leap forward is performed as follows:

Lifting the right foot and keeping it well extended to the front with the tip pointing downwards, [the dantzari] has to hit it with the left leg first below and then on top; and when he places his right foot on the floor, he has to stretch the left foot out in front as quickly as he can.